After a chance meeting in 2013 and being asked to perform at the charity's 1st Annual Ball, Dayton is proud to now be an Ambassador for The Gap Centre. He has performed at every charity ball since, along with showcasing local talented children... helping to raise £1000's of pounds for The Gap's ambitious relocation project. Read what Dayton has to say about his passion for supporting this amazing charity!

The Gap Centre ( is a fantastic, small charity local to me, providing essential support to children and families and is very close to my heart. It also has a drop in Community Café open to the local community, and is a real lifeline for many people, such as those living alone with no form of support and those suffering mental health problems. The building they are in currently is not ideal, it is far too small for the current demand – and they need to relocate in order to reach the many families in need of the services they provide. In the new build, along with their current services, they will house a theatre, music workshops, and a dance and drama/performing arts department as well as childcare and support services. Music and performing arts can be very therapeutic to many people, and it also gives the young people something of a skill to build on. There will be a rehearsal room for local artistes to hire, along with opportunities for local musicians to mentor young people, supporting their interest in music – building their confidence in the process. I find this a particularly great way of feeling like I am giving something back, local people support me with my music, I like to do what I can to support the local community!
The relocation project is estimated at £1.5 million.The building/land has been identified, architects are currently drawing up plans and we are working furiously to raise the money needed to get this up and running. In October, I will be hosting a large charity ball. The last 4 have been huge successes, supported by the Local Mayor and Councillors as well as local businesses.

If you would like to know ways in which you can help support this essential charity, please contact me for more information!

God bless

Dayton X

The Gap Centre is self funded.

Financially, we receive no Government or Local Authority assistance for it's day to day running. Nor for our  plans to expand and offer multiple new services to local children and families. 

With us relying entirely on fundraising activities such as our Annual Charity Ball's, and generous donations from local businesses and the public, our vision for the Relocation Project is an ambitious one! But it is NOT impossible!

If you would like to help with a one off donation, or would like to give on a more regular basis, please click the button below!

When Dayton's partner, Nicki, was diagnosed with this cruel, debilitating disability in 2014, they soon realised how little the medical world knew about this 'invisible illness'. And as a result of this lack of knowledge, treatment is limited, and quality of life and prognosis, extremely poor. It turned their lives upside down and they began research of their own. During this research, they came across FMAUK, a charity dedicated to supporting Fibromyalgia sufferers and conducting research. When Dayton released his single, written about their journey as a couple with this condition (read the back story            ) they donated all profits to the charity. They have since raised further funds at events as official charity fundraisers. Read what Dayton has to say about the importance of this charity, the support they offer, and raising funds for research of this terribly painful life limiting condition...


Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain and fatigue syndrome with over 200 symptoms affecting every area and system of the body. It can be very disabling (my partner is now in a wheelchair), with many being unable to continue working, losing careers they love due to crippling pain, relentless fatigue that stops them in their tracks, and memory problems. It affects their mobility, their mental state, their career, their financial stability... their independence. 

There is no cure, nor effective medication, and very limited support. Charities like FMAUK are absolutely essential to those suffering - particularly those newly diagnosed who are frightened of what their future will hold.. and how their lives, abilities and relationships will change. Such is their mental despair at the new lifetime of limitations they have had forced upon them, that they grieve hard for the life they lost to fibro. FMAUK, amongst many other forms of support, provide free information packs to those who have been diagnosed, and also to their GP (if requested) as unfortunately, there are still many who do not believe it exists! And even if they do, many will openly admit they don't know enough about it to offer the correct support.

Patients themselves are currently trying to raise £26,000 for research to begin, as there is very little, if any, NHS research on the horizon.

This is a life changing ‘invisible’ illness that affects many people, including the recently diagnosed actor, Morgan Freeman and singer Sinead O'connor.

My partner suffers terribly with this disability, and I have experienced 1st hand the devastation it can cause. From a bright and bubbly, fit and active ex gymnast - who was full of energy and100mph 24/7 -  to a constantly in pain, exhausted wheelchair user!

Please help support us to raise awareness and funds, in order for more research to done so that people like Nicki can look forward to a better quality of life.

If you would like to know ways in which you can help support this fantastic charity, please follow this link          or contact me for more information!

God bless

Dayton X

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